ChartLogger2 (Ver 3.07)

archive ChartLogger2 (Ver 3.07)

(Win 10, Win8, Win7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT versions of Windows)
This download contains all files required for an install. Provides a total of 13 traces when used with the iCON motor controllers or the legacy Commander Series controllers (3 currents, 2 Voltages and 8 ACE Downhole Sensor parameters). Shows 8 channels of data when using files from the ACE Downhole Sensor SRU2 display. Shows 1 channel when used with the Amper datalogger. This version also dynamically allocates PC memory as files are loaded, which speeds up the loading and display on slower PC's.

Before downloading the Chartlogger2 zipped file be sure to read the unzipping and install instructions. Double clicking on the zip file will not install Chartlogger correctly.