ACE ESP sensor with a suitable motor adapter will bolt directly on all brands of oil field electrical submersible pump motors. One sensor size is used with any ESP motor series, so there is no need to stock multiple sensors for different size motors.

The surface high Voltage protection package will directly mount inside or out on most switchboards, variable speed drives or high Voltage transformer packages. ACE systems will operate accurately and reliably with all brands of VSD or switchboard.

The compact surface readout unit provides direct connection to the industry standard iCON motor controller, plus the legacy motor controllers of most service companies. All readings from the surface readout are automatically accessible in the motor controllers where they may be used for motor control and data logging. In addition, the ACE surface readout provides optically isolated RS-485, RS-232 & USB Modbus ports for remote connections to virtually all wireless or wired SCADA control systems.

ACE Reliance sensor uses the same readout units as ACE ESP, so one readout unit can be used for the life of the well as the well is switched from ACE Reliance to ACE ESP and back to ACE Reliance.