Sensor Systems

There are four main components to the ACE Single Pressure Sensor system, the sensor and suitable motor adapter are mounted to the pump motor and go downhole, then a High Voltage Interface and a Surface readout are installed at the surface. An additional unit, the Discharge Tubing Assembly, is necessary for the Dual Pressure Sensor system.

Single Pressure & Dual Pressure Sensor Systems available.

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Dual Pressure Sensor (not including motor adapter)

Dual Pressure Sensor from ACE Downhole

Discharge Tubing Assemblies

If a dual pressure sensor is used, then a discharge pressure assembly is also required. Discharge assemblies are available in 2-3/8" 8 RND-EUE, 2-7/8" 8 RND-EUE, 3-1/2" 8 RND-EUE, and 4-1/2” 8 RND-EUE sizes.