The ACE sensor needs to connected to a motor for operation. Rather than have multiple sensors with different size and style flanges that mate with various brands of motor, ACE Downhole stocks adapters that allow the same sensor to be used on many brands and styles of motors.

Some motors have an “instrument wire” directly connected to the motor windings, this wire can be terminated to a connecting boot that directly plugs on to the sensor. In this case a short adapter that has two mating flanges would be used, and the signal wire passes through the center of the adapter.

Other motors, typically called an upper tandem type, have three motor wires that are not connected at the base, rather a ‘wye point’ plugs on to the three wires which connects them together. An instrument wire can be added to the wye point to allow the sensor to be connected. In this case the adapter is larger, since it also accommodates the wye point.

These adapters are easy to use with ultimate flexibility. Typical sizes for adapters are 375, 420, 456, 540, 562, 762 available in carbon or stainless, also there are several flange hole patterns available depending on the motor source, plus metric and imperial versions. Logistically it makes much more sense to keep one sensor and use adapters as needed rather than keep many sensor sizes in stock. ACE Downhole can add the sensor boot to customer provided wye points, or can supply ready-made wye points.

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