Testing Units

Testing Units

Kits are available to verify correct installation of the downhole sensor, motor, cable and all surface equipment before, during and after equipment run in. The portable electrical test unit may be used to verify downhole operation at the wellhead, the transformer, and at the High Voltage Interface. The miniSim may be used to verify correct surface equipment operation from the well head to the Variable Speed Drive. During equipment run in the Spooler may be used to continually provide live readings via WiFi to any personnel near the well site.

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Pressure Test Unit (PTU)

The Pressure Test Unit may generate a hydraulic test pressure to enable system verification the surface. It would typically be used to verify equipment that has been pulled from a well before re-running the sensor.

Portable Surface Readout Unit (PSRU)

The ACE portable surface readout unit consists of a robust, portable case containing a built in SRU along with additional components to allow testing from the wellhead all the way back to the VSD.

Signal Simulator

The ACE signal simulator allows quick and easy verification of the SRU functionality.

Mini Sim

The miniSIM simulates a sensor to allow quick and easy verification of all surface equipment.

Boot Removal Tool

After being downhole under high pressure and temperature it may be difficult to remove the connecting boots from the signal lead and temperature sensor.

Megger Test Leads

The Megger test cable incorporates a resistor that prevents the ACE sensor high Voltage protection circuit from triggering during Megger tests with certain brands of insulation testers.