ACE Reliance sensors use the same surface read out units as the ones used with ACE ESP seniors. This simplifies inventory and provides savings to operators in cases where one Artificial Lift  method is converted to another one. For example,  Jet Pump is replaced with ESP, ESP replaced with Gas Lift, etc.

While downhole sensors are switched between ACE ESP and ACE Reliance models,  surface readout  units would stay the same and would retain the existing SCADA connectivity.

In applications where AC power is not readily available, ACE Optix surface readout unit will be used with ACE Reliance sensors. ACE Optix is powered by DC, batteries, or a solar panel.  It features worldwide license-free Wi-Fi and GPS. All historic and the latest data is stored  and retained in ACE Optic even after the unit is powered off.  The log files containing Pressure, Temperature, GPS coordinates, and a time stamp are easily uploaded to your device ( cell phone, ipad, laptop) wirelessly while you are seated in your vehicle by the well site.



ACE Optix surface readout unit is paired with the ACE Reliance –X model ( 302°F/ 150°C) to obtain the fast sampling rate of 1.4 sec, which provides the maximum benefit for pressure build-up tests.

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ACE Optix

DC or solar powered surface read out unit with worldwide license-free wiwi.