Ace Reliance Sensor

ACE Reliance is a small diameter, cost-effective sensor for Gas Lift, capillary, PCP, Rod Lift, and Hydraulic Jet pump applications. It can be deployed on TEC cable or in a gauge carrier.


Accurate bottom hole pressure and temperature data are critical to improving artificial lift run life and maximizing production. Well analysts and production engineers rely on this data to continuously analyze well productivity and optimize artificial lift – which jointly impact operational costs. With the support of downhole sensor readings, professionals can perform real-time trend and nodal analysis and streamline and optimize decision-making.

ACE Reliance is a small OD, field-tested, cost-effective sensor for gas lift, PCP, rod lift, and hydraulic lift applications. It is custom-made to lower the operating costs of artificial lift wells. The real-time pressure and temperature input from the sensor allows users to continuously optimize the injection rate in gas lift wells, prevent PCP and rod lift failures due to pump-off, and avoid cavitation in hydraulic lift due to low bottom hole pressure.



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ACE Optix

DC or solar powered surface read out unit with worldwide license-free wiwi.