Sensor Systems

Sensor Systems

There are four main components to the ACE Single Pressure Sensor system, the sensor and suitable motor adapter are mounted to the pump motor and go downhole, then a High Voltage Interface and a Surface readout are installed at the surface. An additional unit, the Discharge Tubing Assembly, is necessary for the Dual Pressure Sensor system.

Single Pressure & Dual Pressure Sensor Systems available.


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Dual Pressure Sensor (not including motor adapter)

Dual Pressure Sensor from ACE Downhole

Discharge Tubing Assemblies

If a dual pressure sensor is used, then a discharge pressure assembly is also required. Discharge assemblies are available in 2-3/8" 8 RND-EUE, 2-7/8" 8 RND-EUE, 3-1/2" 8 RND-EUE, and 4-1/2” 8 RND-EUE sizes.